Ingredient Spotlight – Green Tea Phytosome: the Hardworking Antioxidant

Ingredient Spotlight – Green Tea Phytosome: the Hardworking Antioxidant


While green tea offers a lot of benefits to the body, enjoying its full benefits could entail drinking eight to ten cups of this brew a day! Green Tea Phytosome (GreenSelect®) is a special formulation that combines the benefits of green tea with healthful sunflower phospholipids to improve absorption. Green Tea Phytosome’s faster absorption means that you can get the benefits from green tea at a much lower dosage.

Here’s how Green Tea Phytosome can be beneficial:

  • Weight Management: It can help promote a normal healthy weight by boosting your body’s metabolic and fat burning processes.
  • Antioxidant Benefits: Green tea can help protect your body against damage from harmful molecules called free radicals.
  • Heart Health: Green tea may help you to maintain normal healthy cholesterol levels, thereby supporting a healthier heart.
  • Liver Health: It can support liver function and protect it from harmful toxins.

ZipSlim contains GreenSelect™ Phytosome™ Green Tea Extract as one of its key ingredients, giving this delicious nutraceutical supplement in blackberry lemonade and cherry limeade flavors an antioxidant boost! Get to know more about ZipSlim and how it can give your life the best reboot ever!

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