CEO Message – March 2023

Dear Beyond Slim Family,

I could not be more excited about what is happening in our business right now! I’ve been through one other major momentum growth cycle in this industry and it took that company to over $1B in total sales over the next 10 or so years and we paid out over $500 million in commissions to hard-working Coaches all over the world. That was incredible, and exciting and we impacted so many lives! But this growth rate we are experiencing right now with Beyond Slim is far exceeding that growth rate. Let me explain.

Back in October 2003, the previous company I founded launched the first goji juice product in the market. That product and company became wildly successful over the next decade and we changed so many lives for the better. I was so grateful to be a part of that significant wellness movement.

A few weeks ago I began to wonder how that goji juice growth rate compares to the growth rate we are experiencing right now with Beyond Slim. So I began to dig and found in my old files our daily and monthly sales records for the first 7 months of our goji launch.

I went back and calculated that we were growing on average, 9% every month. That’s an incredible monthly growth rate for sure and started us on that billion-dollar goji berry journey.

Well, how do you think that growth rate compares to what we are seeing now with Beyond Slim? There is no comparison. In our last 7 months, we have averaged 53% month-over-month growth! That’s 6X faster than the billion-dollar goji days! 6X! In all my years in the direct selling industry, I’ve never seen or heard of a 7-month average growth rate of 53%. It’s unheard of!

So if anyone thought goji was a big phenomenon, we are on to something far bigger here with Beyond Slim! Two things, in particular, make Beyond Slim not just a billion-dollar opportunity but a multi-billion-dollar opportunity.

1. ZipSlim® is the most delicious tasting, scientifically validated, full-circle wellness product that I’ve ever seen in the wellness space. It’s exclusive to us and backed up by numerous clinical studies giving people fitter, healthier, happier health results like no other product that has come before. It’s a product that everyone should be drinking as part of their daily routine for the rest of their lives.

2. We are the only Social Referral Marketing® company in the marketplace. We are unique in that we reward both the top 10% of leaders and the committed 90% who are part-time in this industry. No other company has ever struck that kind of balance before. And when the 90% are being fairly rewarded, that means great long-term things for the 10% full-time leaders. And we do all that without the negative aspects of the old-style MLM ways of doing business with expensive costly “starter” packs, monthly Personal Volume requirements, and no real customers, all of which put the company at significant legal risk. Beyond Slim has all of the good, none of the bad!

So fasten your seatbelts everyone and congratulations for being here at the beginning stages of this incredible momentum we are experiencing! We have this amazing tailwind at our backs that is propelling us forward. And there is no better time to join Beyond Slim than at our early momentum stages! You are the pioneers and I’m excited to experience this life-changing journey together with all of you!

Stay Healthy!


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