CEO Message – May 2023

The First Win-Win Business for Everyone!

Dear Beyond Slim Family,

Congratulations on yet another incredible record-breaking month in April!  That’s 8 months in a row of double digit increases in sales, month over month.  I don’t know how every other company in the direct selling industry is doing right now, but I’m confident that we are one of the fastest, if not THE fastest growing company in direct selling today.  We are all part of something very special right now!

There are many reasons we’re experiencing this outstanding growth.  ZipSlim®, our clinically validated, delicious tasting, full-circle wellness drink mix is one driving force. Our dynamic Coaches and awesome Executive Team is another. 

Yet a third factor may be one of the most compelling.  Beyond Slim is the first company to truly reward the part-time person and make them feel valued, rewarded, and recognized.

According to the Direct Selling Association, 90% of all distributors/Coaches in direct selling are part-time.  Yet they have sadly been neglected by direct selling companies who are focused solely on the “big hitter”. 

We don’t ignore the hardworking, part-time Coach, instead we reward and recognize them at levels never seen before!  Our Customer Introduction Commission (CIC) pays every Coach 50% on the Product Points (PPs) on every customer they enroll for 2 full months.  A monthly supply of Zipslim is 100 PPs so we pay $50 per customer enrolled for 2 months.  And we pay that within 3 business days so they don’t have to wait until the following month to get paid. Finally, when any Coach has just 2 personally enrolled Subscribe & Save customers, they can earn up to $200 in free product each month! 

No company that I’ve ever seen in the direct selling industry rewards their part time coaches like that!  It’s unprecedented! And I believe it’s one of the main driving forces of our incredible record growth. 

We have taken this unique approach because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s finally time for the part-timer to be rewarded for their hard work and experience true success! The great news for the top 10% who are full-time Coaches is that when you have an organization of motivated, successful and happy part-timers, your organization will flourish, grow and prosper and it will be a business that will be truly built to last with real, long-lasting residual income!  It’s a win-win business for everyone!

So continue to spread the good news about Beyond Slim with passion and persistence!  We’re doing something that has never been done before and you are the pioneers making this happen at a record pace! 

Congratulations again on our record growth and I look forward to seeing many of you in Park City in September!

Stay Healthy!


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