Gold Legacy Leader Megan Mumford: From Introvert To Direct Sales Rockstar

They say necessity is the mother of Invention, and Gold Legacy Leader Megan Mumford knows this to be true.

After the economic upheaval caused by the pandemic, her husband decided to step away from being a business owner and do some soul-searching while Megan would temporarily take the reins of handling breadwinner duties.

Megan had been doing network marketing side hustles for quite some time, and though she was earning enough to give them extra grocery money, it was definitely not at a level that equal her husband’s earnings from his business.

“It was a struggle financially as we had to start catching back up after he found where it was he wanted to be. Direct sales has always been a side gig for me for the last 10 years. I have done okay but being from a small town and pretty much an introvert, I never really made it big.”

With the new situation, she was forced to come out of her shell to generate enough income for her family. Megan started looking around for new opportunities to try her luck with. An online acquaintance that kept posting about her excitement over ZipSlim®, a weight loss lemonade, caught her attention enough to enroll herself as a coach.

“I watched her for about a week before I finally asked her some questions and decided then to jump ahead as coach and ordered my product. That acquaintance quickly became a very good friend of mine that I talk to almost daily. My join date with Beyond Slim® was March 15th and it’s been the best decision I have ever made.”

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