ALL NEW: ZipSlim Landing Page & One-bag Checkout!

ALL NEW: ZipSlim Landing Page & One-bag Checkout!

You asked, and we listened!

TODAY we’re launching a brand new, mobile-friendly ZipSlim landing page optimized to drive sales and convert prospects to Customers! (Don’t worry, your other sites haven’t changed!)

NOW your Customers can select from 1 bag (or 30 servings // 2-Week supply) of ZipSlim, or 2 bags (60 servings // 1-Month Supply) at checkout! 

Where to find it:

In your Beyond Slim App:

- Scroll to "My Personal Links"
- Choose "See All"
- Click on "ZipSlim: 1 Bag"

Check out a preview of the new landing page!

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  1. I’m truly blessed to have accidentally stumbled upon this amazing product! I’m NOT DISAPPOINTED! It has changed my life!

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