Happier & Healthier – I didn’t think it was possible!

My name is Tina, and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I am now 55 and stuck in perimenopause. For the last 10 years, I have developed symptoms and allergies that most doctors didn’t have any diagnosis for or know the cause and could only prescribe meds to mask the symptoms. In the last […]

Finding Who I Am

My name is Shannon, and this is my Before to Beyond story…I am a single mom of 2 beautiful girls. Even though I love my children, I was fading away mentally because I had lost sight of who I was as a person. I have PCOS, diagnosed anxiety, and major depressive disorder. I had let […]

Finding My Fitter Self

My name is Jeff. I wanted to lose 25 pounds and lose my belly. I’ve lost 26 pounds using ZipSlim and exercising. I feel better and my blood pressure is lower. I learned about ZipSlim from my daughter, Sarah Johnson. I told her I would give it one month! I did and I’m so happy […]

Never too late to change!

My name is Frank Snypes. I am 81 years old. Before Beyond Slim, I was on blood pressure medication and had bad eating habits that I developed over the years, eating all that Southern fried chicken. Although I thought I had a lot of energy because of responsibilities that I had to take care of, […]

Fighting Hypothyroidism

My name is Kerrie, and this is my Before to Beyond story. If you’ve ever heard of “yo-yo dieting,” that was me. I’ve tried everything out there to boost my metabolism while fighting hypothyroidism. I was always tired, sluggish, and gained weight on everything I laid my eyes on. What I love most about ZipSlim […]

Surviving Menopause

My name is Susan, and this is my Before to Beyond Story! I had entered menopause about a year ago. I quickly gained 20 pounds and had horrible hot flashes that were affecting not only my sleep but my mood. Nothing makes you more moody than being overweight, hot and sweaty most of the day […]

Finally Getting Fit-N-Healthy In My 50s!

My name is Shanah, and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I am 53 years old and have tried so many diet and fitness programs over the past 40+ years and I have never remained consistent with any of them. I have a wonderful friend who introduced me to ZipSlim and I love the […]

Seeing Friends Try Made Me Jump In. I Feel And Look Better!

Hi, I am Amanda Miller and this is my Before to Beyond story. I absolutely love ZipSlim! So far, I am new to this and it’s all I’ve been doing. My mental health, mood swings, energy level, and flat stomach 24 years after giving birth state it all!! I feel like I’m 18 years old […]

Living My Best Life

My name is Randi and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I was tired of seeing the scale going up, and I have diabetes, high cholesterol, and other health concerns. I was tired of feeling worn-out, and of my doctors who kept adding more medication. I just had to take back control over my […]

Finding A Healthier Me

After years of fighting to keep fit, life happens. It happens to all of us; we start out well, a day here and there – oh it won’t hurt. Those days add up. For me, it kept adding up, to the point where I was going on 240 pounds. That was my heaviest weight. I […]

One Step At A Time!

My name is Brittney and this is my Before to Beyond story. I started my weight loss journey after my son was born, but had no idea what I was doing and KNEW I didn’t want to do any more fad diets. I wanted to have a better relationship with food and understand how to […]

I Cannot Believe This Stuff Actually Works!?

My name is Halie and this is my Before to Beyond Story I learned about ZipSlim from a family friend of mine. She texted me saying I would be a good fit for selling these products. I took a risk and joined while also purchasing a monthly supply. I didn’t think this was going to […]