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My name is Brittney, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Brittney and this is my Before to Beyond story. I started my weight loss journey after my son was born, but had no idea what I was doing and KNEW I didn’t want to do any more fad diets. I wanted to have a better relationship with food and understand how to fuel my body the right way!

I saw a friend post something about ZipSlim and I had been looking around for something to help with my inflammation, caused by a back injury. I definitely wanted quality sleep and to feel better all around.

Since starting ZipSlim my inflammation has reduced significantly! My mood has improved, my energy levels are up and I look forward to having my lemonade every day! Family members noticed my weight loss and are always asking what I’m doing. I told them 9 months ago I started taking this simple little packet twice a day!

In that time I have learned so much! Here are some of the most helpful tips I learned from my journey:

  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect! It’s not all or nothing: This journey isn’t easy and it’s important to give yourself grace. Not all days are going to be the best, but you can still put consistent effort in!
  • Reward yourself for consistency. I bought myself a treadmill, got new weights, and had my nails or hair done; all as rewards throughout my journey for staying consistent with tracking (not for hitting a certain weight by a certain time)
  • I had to change my mindset before I found success. I made healthy changes for the right reasons & worked daily on improving my self-talk. This was one of the hardest things for me, but has made the biggest difference.
  • Find healthier substitutes for the foods you enjoy. This was one of the first things I did and it really helped me to not feel restricted at all. Also, make copycat fast food at home that is way more filling and satisfying for way less calories and higher protein!
  • If you dread the physical activity you do, it will never be sustainable. Find movement you enjoy that makes you feel good! I tried out different activities and quickly found that walking and weights were the exercises I looked forward to the most!
  • Track your food honestly and stay consistent with it. This really helped me develop healthier eating habits and be aware of what I was eating. It also helped me learn proper portion sizes.
  • Make rest & drinking water a priority. Hydration and sleep can really make or break your progress. Neglecting these can have such a negative impact!
  • I sound like a broken record always saying this, but it really is important to find a healthy balance within your lifestyle to still take time to enjoy the indulgent things you love. The most important thing when you do this is getting back on track and balancing things out with nutritious meals and consistent movement!

To anyone looking to better their overall health, I was once 274 pounds and now I am down to 224. Progress takes time, and fueling your body with the right supplements and nutrition is key! Beyond Slim has helped me achieve these goals and can help you achieve yours.

Make your journey fun! You want this to be a sustainable lifestyle change, not a quick fix! I never thought I could turn my life around, but I proved myself wrong & finally just did it! You can do it too!

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