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My name is Shannon, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Shannon, and this is my Before to Beyond story…I am a single mom of 2 beautiful girls. Even though I love my children, I was fading away mentally because I had lost sight of who I was as a person. I have PCOS, diagnosed anxiety, and major depressive disorder. I had let my depression get me to 273 pounds. Anyone who has PCOS should know that it is EXTREMELY hard to lose weight and so easy to put on. I couldn’t even get up most days. It was so terrible. I tried all the diets and products to help me lose weight, and to help me feel like I was a person again. I really was ready to give up, and if you have ever been in a place where you too felt like giving up, please read on…

I found Beyond Slim in May 2023, right after my 30th birthday. At first, I was like yeah, right, just another product that won’t get me anywhere, but I had nothing to lose at this point, so I made my first purchase. I am SO GLAD I did. When you finally find something that is HELPING, why would you ever want to stop? It’s delicious! A problem I had in the past was that I had to choke down products. The first thing I noticed after taking ZipSlim was I was sleeping better, and I was getting quality rest at night.

The second thing I noticed was I was losing inches. As I was doing the daily workouts, my stomach bloat was decreasing. Then I noticed I was smiling more. I really missed smiling. My friends started seeing the difference in me recently and that makes me feel more confident. My kids are benefitting because I am not lying down all day. I am moving and going to the park and swimming with them. I can wear a swimsuit finally without crying in the mirror while looking at myself.

The recipes for T.H.I.N are so delicious that I started eating better quality food for my body. If you’re reading this and think, yeah right, like I did give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Just look at me and hear my story. I am 253 pounds now, that is 20 pounds and many inches down, and my inflammation has decreased. I want you to smile again because you are so beautiful inside and out. I finally believe in myself thanks to Beyond Slim and this is your time to believe in you too!

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