Finding A Healthier Me

My name is Cristina, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

After years of fighting to keep fit, life happens. It happens to all of us; we start out well, a day here and there – oh it won’t hurt. Those days add up. For me, it kept adding up, to the point where I was going on 240 pounds. That was my heaviest weight.

I was depressed. I had no support system and no motivation. My weight was going up and down. I worked a lot in my younger years, had a few years off then went back to work. I was so unhappy with that decision because I was back out in public and I’ve gained so much weight over the years dealing with life. Some things helped, but not so much. Until I found ZipSlim.

I had been using a different supplement. It helped but plateaus happened more and more. I saw success from other peers and I’m loving it!! The taste is delicious. No grit feeling. The reboot is amazing!!! So far so good, first week in and I’m down by 5.6 lbs.

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Before to Beyond Stories