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Never too late to change!

My name is Frank, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Frank Snypes. I am 81 years old. Before Beyond Slim, I was on blood pressure medication and had bad eating habits that I developed over the years, eating all that Southern fried chicken. Although I thought I had a lot of energy because of responsibilities that I had to take care of, I did fall asleep as soon as I hit the couch and felt sluggish by afternoon. My mind was clouded a lot, and couldn’t think clearly sometimes.

After I started ZipSlim about 8 months ago, I lost about 25 pounds and went down 4 pants sizes. I had way more energy and much better mind clarity. My blood pressure levels are now perfect, and the doctors can’t believe how well I am doing. They said for someone my age, it’s amazing. I am much sharper and have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it. I think deeper and am more alert. My appetite has decreased, and I make better meal choices. I am grateful to my coach, Janet, as she has helped me change my lifestyle by introducing me to ZipSlim. I would recommend this product to anyone my age, because it’s hard at our ages to make changes, but it’s never too late to be a healthier person.

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