My name is Melissa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Well, let’s be honest, I don’t think Covid has been good to any of us! I was super tired ALL the time. I wanted to just lay around and sleep 24/7, but I knew I couldn’t do that. I have 2 little girls, one just turned 4 and one that is almost 6. I had no energy or patience with them. My oldest is virtual learning, while my husband is working from the kitchen table due to a small house. I lost my job from all this, and everything in general was just not right.

I started my first Reboot 66 with the intentions on losing a “bunch” of weight and gaining some energy. Little did I know it wasn’t the weight that I needed to lose!

The first week, I had a migraine for 4 days but I still lost 7.6 pounds and I felt AMAZING by the end of the week. Had so much energy. Going further into it I was constantly not craving the bad stuff! We went on vacation with my husband’s side only 3 weeks into my Reboot, it and I was really nervous about all the food, drinks, snacks. I was so focused, I drank water ALL day every day I think but one. I brought healthy protein balls; when I saw someone snacking on a cookie or something I just popped one in! I didn’t overeat, nor did I want to.

I also walked every day which is something I struggle with. I just felt so good, and even my in-laws were complimenting me on my strides.

Once we got home I thought it would stay and it did! I know I am rambling on but it is just crazy that here I am 66 days later and I stuck with it! Didn’t want to quit and felt amazing doing it!

I have struggled with my weight all my life. Yo-yo dieted so many times, I don’t think I ever lasted 3 weeks! But ZipSlim® has completely changed my life. It takes work too, I know. Should I have exercised more? Yep. Maybe not had a cheat meal? When I did, the old me would overindulge and then say, “well, I already ate bad today, start tomorrow or Monday…”

This time, if i had a meal that wasn’t the healthiest, I paused and told myself that I can have this, ate half and knew the next meal would be T.H.I.N. again. I never beat myself up over it because I knew I would be right back on track!

I never bought the healthy foods before, and definitely not organic. Now, I have been constantly checking labels and ingredients. If I can’t read them or like what I see… back it goes! I am always looking for the non-GMO or organic now. My husband notices a change and wants to eat better also. He has joined the ZipSlim® family as well! My girls are always wanting to try what I have now… they eat a side salad almost every night and love it!

So in the end, I didn’t lose a ton of weight like I hoped. Instead, I lost 14 pounds in 66 days. I lost 3 inches in my bust and thigh and 3.5 inches in my waist. I have energy and focus, and mental clarity. I don’t want to go completely crazy with my kids! =).

I don’t really mind losing all the weight anymore. I feel great and just want to show my girls healthy living and eating. I think I have been succeeding!

So to sum it up. THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for having such an amazing product that I am able to share with my friends and family. Thank you for having the Reboot 66 contest. And most of all, THANK YOU for allowing me to get my life back to feeling good. I haven’t felt this positivity in such a long time, if ever! Food or drinks are not my crutch anymore, and they never will be again!

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