Release What No Longer Serves You and Create That New Story

My name is Mitzi, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I have been overweight my entire adult life. Honestly – if you ever see me in photographs I either have layers of clothing to hide in, or I position myself to hide behind others. I have tried many diets, lifestyle changes, and made adjustments; with plans to live a healthier life. Nothing has ever seemed like a solution.

Then one day my friend Sarah called, and she said – hey I know how difficult weight loss is for you – and I have found an amazing product that will make such a difference for you!

There are many things I absolutely LOVE about ZipSlim® – but my favorite is how easy it is. Reboot Ritual #1 is open up this little packet of yummy flavored Blackberry Lemonade, shake and drink. WOW! What a fabulous concept for busy people on-the-go and travelers, those folks who are juggling work, family, and commitments. Just zip off the top, drink the yummy drink, and it helps you tackle your day!

On day one, my cravings for carbs started decreasing. By day 2, my late-night snacking was absent. Just a day or two after that – my body stopped craving carbs. My friends have asked, “what did you change?” I told them I was just following the Reboot Rituals – and that was it. Simple – Easy – Enjoyable – kind of miraculous!

The other benefits were just as fun to experience early on:

  • Sustained energy all day long.
  • Increasing calmness – and less reaction to stress.
  • Weight loss – every single day for 3 weeks.
  • My clothes were getting looser.
  • I could remember things better and had improvement in my recall, too.


So, weight was melting off my body, and in my mind, it was zipping off to wherever in this world it was needed. I lost about 15 pounds (and about 8 inches) in the first 3 weeks, but the weight loss slowed after that.

About this time my Coach (the magnificent Sarah) suggested that I check my measurements, and you know what? I was indeed STILL MELTING! The scales seemed stuck in one place, but during this particular time frame, I had actually lost another 5 inches of fluff! Woohoo!!

Another week went by and then just as suddenly; the scales started moving! The weight loss is again a daily signal that ZipSlim® is working. It’s not the big loss I experienced the first 3 weeks, but it is continually in the right direction. My Coach reminded me that I didn’t get here in just a couple of days or weeks, so to allow myself the grace to release at whatever pace felt right to my body.

  • I’ve experienced a shift in my life: I feel confident and radiant.
  • My energy is smooth and sustained all day long.
  • Stress rolls off my back – and I don’t engage in it.
  • Crazy Cravings are gone, and healthy decisions are an easy choice.
  • My recall is improving daily, and I can stay on track with projects that require cognitive skills.
  • It is so enjoyable to have the endurance to follow through on the projects I need to complete on the farm.


After 66 days when I completed my first Reboot 66™ – I was proud to submit my results:

  • 23 pounds lost
  • 18 inches lost
  • Down 2 shirt sizes
  • Down 1 jean size (and the next size is already getting baggy)


Oh, and guess what, I’m no longer hiding behind others in photographs!

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  1. This is wonderful ! So happy for you ! Keep it up ! I know how this makes you feel . We only have this one life and you are making it happen to be fit !

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