Running into 30!

My name is Alysha, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Alysha and this is my Before to Beyond story!

I was a struggling mama of two beautiful toddlers 2 years apart.

I was always a very fit female my whole life and with my second pregnancy I had some health complications and ended up gaining 30lbs.

I really let that bother my mindset and ended up always exhausted. I felt like I was failing as that dream mom I wanted to be. I’ve tried SO many products and my weight acted like a yoyo – back and forth. Things would work short term and I would bounce right back to where I started. I was craving a product that tasted good and WORKED!

I had a dear friend, who I look up to, start using the products and I saw how much they changed her life! I HAD to try but I watched her for a few weeks first.

Once I jumped in and finally tried ZipSlim I felt the change in my life in just the first few days! The physical changes my body has made is life changing, but the mental changes are even more incredible! I am happy, I have so much energy and I am motivated more than I was in my teens! I am in LOVE with Zip and I will NEVER look back !

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