ZipSlim Turned My Frown Upside Down

My name is Mariam, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I have struggled for many years to shed pounds with no success. I became diabetic last year and was in constant pain due to the excess weight. It was difficult to even put on my socks and shoes without help. My blood pressure was out of control, and my cholesterol was extremely high. I was also on 17 medications. My self-esteem could not have been any lower. I rarely had the energy to go to family events—much less spend time with them.  

Then, I received a call from Joy Edgerton. I was inspired by her transformation, and everything changed from that day on. With the support of my coach, Joy, and Zipslim, I have gained: 

  • Motivation to continue a lifetime of healthy habits through the 9 Reboot Rituals and to share that with others 
  • Increased energy  
  • A boost in positivity that is having a ripple effect in my family member’s lives 
  • Due to weight loss, I have reduced my cholesterol and my blood pressure is normal. 
  • Ease of movement and less discomfort. I no longer need assistance in dressing or putting on socks and shoes. 
  • I now belong to a gym which I go to with my son for quality time. 
  • I participate in family picnics and outings. 
  • I am part of a community of support I now call friends. 
  • Confidence to enjoy my life to its fullest by making positive changes in all aspects of my life 

I am so incredibly grateful that I took a chance on Beyond Slim! Since I started this program, so much has changed for me: health, career, friendships, happiness… you name it.  

I am down 23 pounds. I have gone from a 4XL to an XL and can wear nicer clothes. Although I needed cortisone shots, I was able to maintain my weight loss of 23 pounds without gaining it back as one usually does. I lost 33” overall on my body. I am feeling fantastic in my own skin, confident and positive about where I am in life. This is how you feel thriving.  


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