Business For Home: Founder Ray Faltinsky Interview

Business For Home: Founder Ray Faltinsky Interview

Social Referral Marketing® company Beyond Slim® and its flagship full-circle wellness product ZipSlim®, have taken the direct selling industry by storm in the last 8 months. Hear what Beyond Slim Founder Ray Faltinsky had to say about its success:

“Fast growth always starts with an incredible product, and our hero product ZipSlim is resonating tremendously with consumers all across the U.S. because it tastes incredibly delicious and offers outstanding overall health benefits.  We’ve covered ZipSlim in detail in “Business For Home” before.

From a business standpoint, I love the direct selling channel, I felt there was a big void.  Ninety percent of people who come into the industry are looking to make an extra $200-$500 a month on a part-time basis.

We couldn’t find a company out there that adequately rewarded both the part-time and full-time person. We felt that if we created a compensation plan that rewarded both, it would be creating something that was really unique to the industry.

Learn how Beyond Slim rewards people for just bringing in customers:

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