February 2023 CEO Message

February 2023 CEO Message

Dear Coaches,

Congratulations on the incredible start to 2023! January sales increased
double digits over December, and we had a number of new exciting
Influencer advancements and a record number of Coaches receiving free
product through our Beyond Bucks program! January also represented
our 4th consecutive record month and as I write this, February shows no
signs of slowing down as enrollments and sales are both double digits
ahead of last month!

We have something very special here with ZipSlim and our trademarked
Social Referral Marketing™ program. We are doing something that has
never been done before in direct selling. We have a real product, backed
by real science that everyone loves and our Social Referral Marketing
compensation plan is rewarding both the full-time Coach and the parttime
Coach, which represent 90% of all Coaches joining Beyond Slim, at
levels never available before!

To say that we are unique is an understatement. We are revolutionizing
direct sales in a way that everyone thought could not be done. And you
are pioneers making that happen! I want to let you know how grateful I am
for each and every one of you!

We have a record number of Coaches and Customers joining us now each
month and I have one request from each of you. Please be sure to engage
closely with each of your new enrollees and help them know and
understand our 9 Reboot Rituals. Let me explain why this is so important.
We all know ZipSlim is scientifically designed to help customers lose 3X
more weight than diet and exercise alone. That’s what the science shows.
What that means is that if you are taking the proper healthy steps to get
fitter, healthier and happier you will lose 3X more weight by using ZipSlim
than if you didn’t.In other words, ZipSlim is that “supercharger”, that
“booster” to give you 3x better results than if you were just modifying
your diet and/or exercising alone.

We chose to call our distributors “Coaches” because your role is to
“coach” new Coaches on how to make additional income with Beyond Slim
and to “coach” new Customers on how to become fitter, healthier
happier.Introducing them to ZipSlim is just the first piece of the puzzle,
but helping them implement the 9 Reboot Rituals is the other. In doing
this, each Customer will have the best chance of success in reaching all
their health goals, especially in losing that extra weight they may have.
And as a result, your retention rate in keeping new customers using
ZipSlim each month will increase dramatically and your monthly income
will also increase. It’s a win-win-win for everyone, especially the Customer
who will be getting the best health results possible.

So Coaches, congratulations on the record enrolling, but let’s not forget
the second half of the equation and that is “Coaching” your new enrollees
to have great success with ZipSlim and our Reboot Rituals. Doing this will
ensure that we all have greater success together and reach our goal of
helping millions to become fitter, healthier and happier in record time!


Ray Faltinsky
Beyond Slim CEO

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