The Inspiring Story of Thomas Gomez

The Inspiring Story of Thomas Gomez

How ZipSlim® Sparked The Next Chapter in his Weight Loss Journey

Before he began his weight loss journey, Thomas Gomez of Odessa, Texas was at 530 pounds.

He made the drastic decision to get weight loss surgery in January of 2020, which helped him reach a new low of 420 pounds before he hit a frustrating plateau. Thomas was doing everything right, but for months on end the weight was no longer coming off.

Having come so far, yet with a long road still ahead, he searched for his next breakthrough. In his first month drinking ZipSlim® and following the 9 Reboot Rituals, Thomas lost 20 pounds! Combine that with the 10 pounds he’s lost in the month since, and that’s 30 pounds lost in 2 months, after 4 months of no progress at all!

Hear more about how ZipSlim® helped Thomas spark a new chapter of weight loss in the video below!

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