Reduction in Waist Size – ZipSlim® Science Backed Study

Reduction in Waist Size – ZipSlim® Science Backed Study

If you’re overweight, like 74% of all American Adults are, there are many reasons to help get your weight under control. Yet, despite the countless health benefits to being your ideal weight, for many people the primary goal is to first lose that belly fat so they look and feel better in their clothes. 

That’s why the Beyond Slim® team knew, when formulating ZipSlim®, that reduction in waist size would need to be a key, clinically proven, measurable benefit.

In a 2013 published clinical study, 100 overweight participants (Avg. BMI 31) were put on a diet (1,250 calories for women; 1,500 for men) and exercise plan (30 min per day of 70% aerobic/30% strength training). 50 of the patients were given one of the key ingredients in ZipSlim™ twice a day and 50 were given a placebo pill. 

After 24 weeks the placebo group lost 1.2 inches from their waist and the key ingredient group lost 3 times more, a whopping 3.9 inches!  

It’s pretty incredible that just the addition of this one key ingredient resulted in 3 times greater reduction in waist size! 

There’s plenty more surprising science behind ZipSlim®, and Beyond Slim® invites you to learn about it all.

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