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My name is Ynasia, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Ynasia Ginn, and this is my “Before to Beyond” story.

I was an exhausted, depressed, overweight mom of three kids. After having my two boys 15 months apart 2 years ago, I couldn’t consistently keep the weight off. I gave up so many times. Not only was I tired and felt I couldn’t keep up with my kids, but my physical insecurity affected the way I thought my husband felt towards me. This caused me greater anxiety than ever before. I felt I was failing as a mother and a wife.

My friend Lacey introduced me to Beyond Slim. I always saw her posts about a healthy lifestyle but thought, “This is one of those undeliverable ‘lose weight quick’ schemes.” I was very skeptical, but come the beginning of 2024, my husband and I agreed to lose weight and get healthier together. I knew being male and larger than me he’d lose SO MUCH weight quicker than me and knew it would affect my ambition each week so I took the plunge and tried the Skinny Lemonade (ZipSlim) and boy was I impressed. Immediately, I felt energized! I then kept up with the 9 Reboot Rituals.

At this point, I was seeing so many results. Inches were shrinking off, and I was consistently losing weight each week. I was keeping up with about the same weight loss as my husband, which you know with a female metabolism that’s tough. Not only did I see the results, but I also felt them. I wasn’t as tired of playing with my kids anymore. I didn’t feel as anxious as I once did. My family and friends were in awe of my results and of how quickly it happened.

I went from 240 to 209 pounds in 13 short weeks! That’s 31 pounds—30.8% of my body weight gone! HOW AMAZING!! Although my journey isn’t fully completed yet, I’m exerting my body to its limits, confident that I can accomplish it with the assistance of ZipSlim.

If I were to speak to someone about going to Beyond Slim, I’d say, “Beyond Slim is not just a product company but a community of many people all around who want nothing more than to help their bodies and the bodies of others to be healthier inside and out. The products are amazing and give your body the boost in nutrients that it needs daily to help balance and boost your metabolism. The company should be named “Beyond Amazing.”

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