Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call

My name is Carol, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I am a wife, a mom, a teacher by profession, and typical individual. If you’re like me, you may have used the word “busy” as an excuse not to take care of yourself. Have you been eating any food you like because it makes you happy and think that you deserve it? Or maybe telling yourself that you don’t need to exercise because your work is already your physical activity. Most of the time, I sleep super late and watch movies because that is the only time I can rest and relax. I can go on and on only to realize that I am just using band-aids to feel better. I end up feeling miserable and exhausted everyday. And that is not good!

Those choices I made have finally taken their toll on my mental and physical health. My clothes do not fit me anymore as I slowly gained weight , my knees and the soles of my feet were hurting, my anxieties became worse, I see that I don’t look great, I was quiet but in my head I was screaming. Bottom line is, I just know that I feel AWFUL!!! I was desperate and knew that I needed to do something because I do not want to stay this way. I just had my “Wake Up Call”.

I used to have this purple drink that helped increase my energy level and suppress my sweet cravings. For some reason, it was not available anymore. Years passed and life (plus the drawbacks of COVID-19 pandemic) happened, I was desperate for a solution and searched the internet. Luckily, I bumped into Joy Edgerton’s ZipSlim website. Without a doubt, I signed up even before I inquired about ZipSlim. Immediately, she contacted me and supported me all the way.

I love every part of ZipSlim – the process, support and the undeniable benefits. The 9 Reboot Rituals gave me a clear structure that is easy to follow. These are fundamentals and are vital to get into the habit of making better choices which equal to getting better outcomes. Drinking ZipSlim evidently gave back my vitality. I applied each of those rituals everyday and it gave me results. I lost some of my “pandemic” pounds, I absolutely noticed a positive change in my moods, my eating habits, I started sleeping better, and I feel so much better than before! I started drinking ZipSlim at 166 lbs. (August ’21) and I am down to 154 lbs. (November ’21). It is a continuous progress and I am loving it!

I will not go back to my “Before”.
I will stick to ZipSlim and not settle for less.
The benefits definitely outweigh the costs.
It is worth it!
I feel amazing! Thanks to ZipSlim!

Give it a try!

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