I Dedicate My Weight Loss to My Parents

My name is Israel “Izzy”, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Growing up, my dad worked 12-16 hours a day/365 as a taxi driver and my mom was an owner of an embroidery clothing business. So between their long hours, one of them was home to make sure we had food cooked, ready for school and clothes washed everyday.

This year, Mom and Dad have been gaining more weight, especially during the Pandemic. Mom wasn’t as energetic as she used to be, and Dad was so fatigued that he wasn’t motivated to move – he just sat on the couch most days.

Then, a friend introduced me to ZipSlim® and told me about the benefits. By my second drink, I knew it was a game-changer. I didn’t feel tired and that was 5pm. Usually, I would be drinking my 4th cup of coffee for that day. No more coffee cravings and I felt alert like I was in my 20’s again. That night, I slept so good and deep like a baby. When I woke up, I noticed like every morning since my first day, I got up not feeling tired. Not a day goes by that I wake up feeling like I didn’t get a good night’s rest.

So the first day, I was floored because I lost 2 pounds in my first 24 hours. I lost another 10 pounds in 10 days, and have lost 17 pounds total so far.

While my story seems to be about weight loss, it’s just journey for me. Why? I finally found another way I can reconnect with my parents because they’re taking ZipSlim® now, too. My dad has already lost 5 pounds, has more energy, and even works more outside in the yard. Mom is a steady and slow weight loss, about 2-3 pounds to date, but she has more energy than ever before. I know I am doing whatever it takes to keep my parents alive and healthy one day at a time with ZipSlim®.

Mahalo and forever grateful for Beyond Slim®.

Love and Aloha,

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