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My name is Holly, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My Name is Holly, and this is our before to beyond story…Where do I even begin! My husband and I have been using Zip Slim for almost 2 months now and our results in a few months have been incredible.

My husband was diagnosed with lymes Disease in 2021. It was one of the hardest times of our lives, with lymes you can suffer from a wide range of neurological symptoms and there isn’t a whole lot of treatment. My husband Dan was down for the count for months and honestly I thought he was going to die. After months of looking for a treatment that would help him, we finally found a doctor protocol that helped him start to feel like himself again!

Months after treatment he still wasn’t 100% himself, Energy was low, Stress was high, and brain fog was defeating, typical aftermath. We tried many holistic products and treatments! Now that he has been using Zip Slim we are happy to say his energy levels are pretty much back to normal, His stress seems to be reduced, he is more carefree, and he says his brain fog is definitely better! As for myself I would have to agree my energy lasts all day and I actually want to go outside and enjoy the dreaded winter months (I am not a fan).

Plus we are down 16lbs together and that is just the cherry on top of all the other goodness.

The reboot challenge is a great tool for anyone who needs that accountability and just need to guidance to live a better life. I would encourage everyone to start add the rituals to improve their quality of life! I mean who couldn’t benefit from more energy, clear mind and all around happier life?

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Before to Beyond Stories