The unexpected results

My name is Corteney, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Corteney and I originally got hooked on ZipSlim for the energy & clear focus it gives me.

I have hashimotos disease, insulin resistance, PCOS, and a list of other things, so I’ve been living in a constant state of brain fog. On top of that, I don’t lose weight no matter how hard I try.

I’ve been on this drink since end of June and haven’t been following any diet or exercising..

This is huge for me because this is the only thing I’ve changed!
I’ve lost almost 10lbs and inches all over!

Most importantly, I FEEL better!
I’m not struggling to get through the day anymore because of fatigue.
I get more done.
I’m happier.
My mind feels CLEAR!
I am so beyond grateful for Beyond Slim. 💜

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Before to Beyond Stories