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The Help I Was So Desperate For!

My name is Laura, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Laura, and this is my “Before to Beyond” story.

Just 6 short months ago, I was miserable. For about the last year prior, I had been dealing with unusual nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and neuropathy in my hands and feet from out of nowhere. I was also dealing with debilitating fatigue that if I didn’t start the day with, it hit me by 1:00 PM every day like clockwork. Getting through my home health job felt like running a marathon and when I got home from it to my family, I felt like I had the flu…every single day! To have anything left for them was virtually impossible, and I’d just lay my head on the bar and cry. I spent over $8,000 in MRIs, bloodwork and different doctors with the same response everytime—”Everything looks perfect.” Everything was far from perfect. Aside from eating very healthy and gaining weight like crazy, I was exhausted and in pain every day.

Insert ZIP SLIM!!!

I started ZipSlim at the very end of October. I had a family member who was using it and was full of energy. Honestly, weight loss wasn’t even on my mind at that point. I just wanted to feel better, so I tried ZipSlim and I swear from day one, my energy was so much improved! I honestly thought it was a placebo effect at first! Lol! Day after day, 1:00 PM would come, and no crash!! I honestly couldn’t believe it. Month two ZipBOOM rolled out, and I started using it and everything just got that much better. Month three, I started finding myself coming home from work and still having the energy to work out. I still pinch myself every day and I really don’t know how I got through that year and a half of torture, but I’m glad I don’t have to live like that anymore!

I was immediately sold on these products because if they did nothing besides making me feel better and giving me energy to get through the day and be there for my family, that was enough. Not to mention the incredible ingredients I knew were so good for my body. Now, six months in with Beyond Slim, and loving every single product they have rolled out, I have lost 26 pounds, have to get through my workday and then be there for my family, exercise, and follow the reboot rituals! To say, I am grateful for these products would be a gross understatement!❤️🙏🏼

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