Why Social Referral Marketing™?

Why Social Referral Marketing™?

If you’ve seen other direct selling companies before, you probably feel a bit like we did not too long ago. For example, would you agree that it’s been disappointing when most new health and wellness companies start, they approach their opportunity to do something new and exciting like they’re picking different options on the same tired model of automobile? It ends up being the same vehicle as the previous company, but now theirs is yellow instead of red.

It’s frustrating enough to make someone want to rewrite the rules entirely. To get rid of the vehicle entirely, and create an entirely new mode of transportation, that actually gets people where they want to go- without being forced to take the scenic route. Something so new, it’s like nothing seen before. Something so different it catapults over the competition. Something so entirely novel, you’d even need to trademark it.

If this excites you, then you’re definitely like us. And we’re thrilled to introduce you to Social Referral Marketing™. It’s the new, bold, old model shattering answer to the essential question “What if?”

Our Social Referral Marketing™ model is so different than anything else out there in direct selling that we filed for a trademark on it! We created it to eliminate the financial risk that “Questionable” MLM companies put upon their distributors, and to put more financial rewards into the hands of hard-working, part-time Coaches than any other company in the industry.

Yes, there is plenty of income available for the 5-10% who may choose to build their Beyond Slim business on a full-time basis, but the core of our business model is designed to help the 90% become successful, and to achieve both of these objectives without hurting anybody.

Read more to learn how Social Referral Marketing truly goes above and beyond anything the industry has seen before, and addresses 5 of the biggest challenges presented by “Questionable” MLM companies in today’s marketplace.

  1. There are no large initial purchase requirements or overinflated “Business Builder Packs” that we encourage you to buy.
  2. You never need to make any personal purchases to earn commissions. You can only earn commissions when you enroll Customers.
  3. We don’t allow you to get “trapped” into making large monthly qualifying purchases to qualify for commissions.
  4. We pay you 50% from the product purchases of your personally enrolled Customers from your very first enrollment!! And you can even get your product FREE each month simply by enrolling 2 Customers!
  5. We will never mislead you about what you can earn as a Beyond Slim Coach. We will transparently tell you what honest earnings will come from honest work.

We love the direct selling industry when it’s done the right way. Unfortunately, and according to the FTC, many “Questionable” MLMs are not doing it the right way. In the last few years, the FTC has shut down and/or fined several MLM companies hundreds of millions of dollars. And word on the street is that they are looking very closely at several others. I believe Beyond Slim will become the model for what other companies will look to when searching for a compliant direct selling company.

Beyond Slim has been put together the right way. It’s Customer focused and designed so that no one can get hurt financially and so that the average person can prosper! We are flipping the industry on its head from rewarding the few “heavy hitters,” to rewarding the average person who is making things happen.

We want our Coaches to prosper with Beyond Slim and our Social Referral Marketing™ model. 

We invite you reach out to the person who told you about Beyond Slim, and to find out if Social Referral Marketing™ is right for you.

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