Above And Beyond: The Income You Want, On Your Terms

Above And Beyond: The Income You Want, On Your Terms

Would you agree that consistently going above and beyond eventually creates extraordinary opportunities?

At Beyond Slim, it’s in our DNA to go above and beyond in all aspects of our business. You will see it in our commitment to product quality, setting a high bar for ZipSlim™ and the incredible, science-based nutrition programs that support it. You’ll see that same commitment in our innovative business model, which we call Social Referral Marketing™.

Whether you’re already a Beyond Slim Coach, or you are learning more about the financial incentives that you can earn by sharing Beyond Slim products, we want to make sure you don’t confuse the Beyond Slim business model with a “Questionable” Multilevel Marketing company.

It is important to note that Beyond Slim is not a “Questionable” Multilevel Marketing (MLM) company. Unfortunately, some MLM companies have come under increased scrutiny by the media and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the last several years because of questionable business practices which ended up hurting people financially.

Beyond Slim’s Founder Ray Faltinsky wrote his graduate thesis at Yale Law School on the key differences between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate direct selling company. In 1995, he started and grew a direct selling company to over $1.2 billion in sales in 22 years.

He understands the legal distinctions in direct selling very well and has created Beyond Slim as a modern “Social Referral Marketing™” company with none of the hallmarks of the pyramids or “Questionable” MLM companies for which the FTC has demonstrated concerns.

He created Beyond Slim as a new paradigm in direct selling to benefit millions of people around the world and has structured it to last for many decades. 

See below for the key differences between the “Questionable” MLM Model and Beyond Slim’s Social Referral Marketing™ model:

“Questionable” MLM ModelSocial Referral Marketing™
Often requires or even encourages large initial purchases of inventory or “Business Builder Packs” of $500, $1,000, $2,000 or more in order to earn certain commissions or bonuses. 
The FTC frowns heavily on this. 
No “Business Builder Packs” at all, and no initial inventory purchases required or encouraged in order to earn any commissions or bonuses.
“Questionable” MLM ModelSocial Referral Marketing™
Often requires or expects Distributors to be “Active” each month by personally purchasing $50-$300 worth of products to qualify for commissions and bonuses.
The FTC frowns heavily on this.
No personal purchase is ever required to become “Active” or eligible to earn income. The only way to become eligible to earn income is by enrolling Customers who purchase products. 
“Questionable” MLM ModelSocial Referral Marketing™
Often allow Distributors to purchase large and expensive amounts of inventory at the end of the month to “qualify” for certain commissions and bonuses and to increase their title.
The FTC frowns heavily on this.
This fake business practice is not allowed. Coaches are only paid on the first 200 Product Points that a Customer or Coach purchases in a given month.
“Questionable” MLM ModelSocial Referral Marketing™
Often pay little commissions, sometimes as low as 5-10% when you enroll a new Customer. This pushes more money to the top of the plan for the top 0.1% who are “Heavy Hitters,” at the expense of the part-time people who are doing most of the work. The FTC frowns heavily on this.Pays an industry-leading 50% to Coaches each time they enroll a new Customer for 3 full months. Earn 10-40% ongoing for Customers who continue to purchase after their third month.
“Questionable” MLM ModelSocial Referral Marketing™
Often make unrealistic earnings claims, painting the picture that you can become very rich in a short period of time in their company. These promises are not realistic for the vast majority of people. 
The FTC frowns heavily on this.
We will never promise great riches in a short period of time. This is not a get rich quick scheme. We are particularly focused on helping part-time Coaches earn an extra $300-$1,500 a month.

Beyond Slim has been put together the right way. It’s Customer-focused and designed so that no one can get hurt financially and so that the average person can prosper! We are flipping the industry on its head from rewarding the few “heavy hitters,” to rewarding the average person who is making things happen. 

We want our Coaches to prosper with Beyond Slim and our Social Referral Marketing model. 

We invite you to reach out to the person who told you about Beyond Slim so you can take a close look at what we are all about and join our mission of helping millions of people become fitter, healthier and happier!

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    1. Hi Kim! We currently are not available in Canada, but will be soon! Keep checking back in with us to find out more or send an email to [email protected] to be added to an email notification list.

    1. Hi Kim! You are still able to enroll as a coach or customer without a referral or we can put you in touch with one. Please email [email protected] with any additional questions. Thank you!

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