Kick Off Your Reboot 66 Right!

Kick Off Your Reboot 66 Right!

Dr. Mark Drucker, M.D. shows us how to make Day 1 count

How you start your Reboot 66™ has a lot to do with how your 10 week challenge will go. Making an intentional choice to have a great Day 1, to have accountability partners and a support system, and to have a plan on that first day and first week make all the difference.

We recently caught up with Dr. Mark Drucker of San Diego’s Center for Advanced Medicine, to draw on his decades of experience helping patients achieve incredible lasting health transformations. Take a listen and enjoy.

Whenever you’re ready for your own Day 1, our Reboot 66™ contest is ready for you. Start any time and enter to win at the end of your 66 days to be eligible for prizes and get a free T-Shirt. Learn more at

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