Over 100 Pounds Lost! Jason’s Before to Beyond Story

Over 100 Pounds Lost! Jason’s Before to Beyond Story

How one decision led to a new lease on life

Jason Paul looked down at the scale and saw three numbers looking back at him that he had never seen before: 328. He knew that he needed to make a change and lose the weight for good, but nothing had worked in the past.

He decided to give Beyond Slim® a chance, and thanks to drinking ZipSlim® twice a day and making their 9 Reboot Rituals a part of his life, Jason is a new man. He has lost over 100 pounds, and he won the company’s Reboot 66™ contest which meant a $1,000 new clothes shopping spree!

Hear his inspiring story with a cameo by his amazing wife, Jessica, who has lost over 35 pounds herself!

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