Pursue a Balanced Wellness-Focused Lifestyle with Beyond Slim®

Pursue a Balanced Wellness-Focused Lifestyle with Beyond Slim®

The New Year calls for setting new wellness goals. According to a survey conducted by Forbes Health, “48% of people say improving fitness is a top priority in 2024,” yet getting active and pursuing a healthier lifestyle can be more challenging than one might anticipate. Weight loss can be halted by conditions such as Metabolic Overload that make it difficult for one’s body to burn food for fuel, or colder weather that brings down energy levels. 

Beyond Slim® ‘s team of health professionals worked to create the nutritional drink mix ZipSlim® and the energy drink ZipBOOM™ to assist with individuals’ wellness goals and combat obstacles. The two, combined, contribute to long-term fitness and weight loss initiatives. ZipBOOM™ can be taken on top of the two ZipSlim® servings daily alongside workout routines. 

Manage Fitness Goals with ZipSlim®

Dr. Mark Drucker, M.D., a celebrated physician at Beyond Slim®, created ZipSlim® with the goal of providing patients with a tool to assist in their efforts to achieve better health. He has worked with a wide range of patients who have struggled with conditions such as Metabolic Overload that contributed to a decrease in motivation when it came to getting active. 

ZipSlim® is a drink mix that comes in two flavors: blackberry lemonade and cherry limeade.. When taken before meals twice a day, ZipSlim® becomes the foundation of a health routine. 

A slow metabolism means the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) enzyme is not active. ZipSlim® essentially “wakes up” AMPK to give one’s body the kickstart it needs. It also supports muscle recovery and provides the necessary fuel for workouts. ZipSlim’s key ingredients include organic ashwagandha extract and Green Tea Phytosome Extract — key components in its ability to initiate healthy weight loss. 

Get a Boost of Energy with ZipBOOM™

In the chaos of daily life, finding the energy to power through your day can be challenging. ZipBOOM™ is a dynamic energy supplement designed to improve energy levels by providing the body with the proper nutrients. In addition to being an energy drink, ZipBOOM™ can enhance cognitive performance and improve one’s mood. 

Getting active can be difficult enough, but adding on cold weather and shorter days due to daylight savings can significantly impact one’s energy levels and decrease motivation. The drink mix’s powerful blend of 33 supernutrients helps combat midday slumps and fatigue and can be taken alongside ZipSlim® in addition to a workout regime for a well-rounded wellness routine. 

ZipBoom’s ingredients contain all eight key B vitamins, vitamins C and D, minerals, the amino acid taurine, organic beetroot and mushroom extracts to name a few. These vitamins,   minerals and superfoods are key components in the drink mix’s ability to improve brain function and mood which can be a major factor in shaping one’s attitude towards embarking on wellness goals. 

Integrate ZipSlim® and ZipBOOM™ Into Your Routine 

Beyond Slim® wants to make a healthier lifestyle more attainable and achieves that through delicious and easily accessible wellness drink mixes. When kicking off the New Year’s resolutions and getting back into the gym, it’s understandable for one to seek out tools for motivation. Managing fitness goals with ZipSlim® and enjoying a sustained energy boost with ZipBOOM™ gives people the push needed to take the leap. 

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