Beyond Slim® is a wellness company that operates in the direct selling industry as the first and only Social Referral Marketing® company. According to Rachel Kellogg, Vice President of Sales, their signature, and revolutionary product, ZipSlim®, is a delicious blackberry lemonade drink mix that one enjoys twice daily to restart their metabolism and achieve optimal health.

Rachel looked for a place to plant her flag and build something to last that would impact people in a positive way. She had a list of requirements that a company needed to meet before she would accept an offer, and with a handful of enticing offers already on the table, Rachel could afford to be selective. The first thing she looked for was solid company leadership; who is captain of the ship? She thinks that a good leader is crucial to tremendous business success. Beyond Slim’s CEO and founder, Ray Faltinsky is a high integrity person with a proven business track record, guiding his previous wellness company to over $1B in sales over 22 years. Next, she had to firmly believe in the product, as she wouldn’t put her reputation on the line unless the product was proven to work and was exclusive. Finally, she had to find a marketing plan that helped the many and not just the few. For too long, the top 10% of distributors in the direct selling industry have benefited, leaving the bottom 90% to struggle. She required a marketing strategy that, in her opinion, could benefit the majority, not just a select few. And thankfully, Beyond Slim checked all the boxes.

Rachel believes the US is in a wellness awakening paradigm, where people across the country are finally becoming conscious of the food they put into their bodies and how it impacts their health. People not only want to live healthier lives but are also willing to put in the work to achieve it. Beyond Slim designed a product to meet that need at an affordable price and in an delicious drink delivery system.. Most people don’t like taking a bunch of pills, let alone the 30+ each day you would need to take to get the same benefits of ZipSlim, a delicious Blackberry Lemonade drink mix.

The word is getting out about this amazing product as Beyond Slim has seen a significant upswing in sales since Rachel’s arrival in June 2022. The company is currently expanding at a growth rate of 53% month over month and Rachel believes this is happening not only because of the product but also the hard work of the team and incredible leaders that have joined. She gave everyone the space they needed to excel in the areas that bring them joy. “Finding people you can trust and giving them a platform to shine is all that is required, as long as you put the right people in the right place,” says Rachel. She believes that when you let someone shine, they inspire themselves, and that leads to greater success in the future.

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