John & Becky Spieth’s Grand Experience Story

John & Becky Spieth’s Grand Experience Story

Their Grand Experience: A Florida Vacation Full of Firsts

Thanks to the Beyond Slim® Metabolic Reboot Program®, John & Becky Spieth were able to proudly say, “We Got Our Sexy Back.”

Their inspiring story made them Reboot 66™ contest winners. See the moment they won here!

Becky & John Spieth – Reboot 66 $1,000 Grand Experience Winners

Their Grand Experience Getaway to Florida

As winners the Spieths had a choice for their $1,000 Grand Experience: They could either go on a new clothes shopping spree, or enjoy a vacation together.

For John & Becky, the choice was easy, and decided to take their Grand Experience reward for a long-awaited deep sea fishing trip in West Palm Beach, Florida. The couple chased colorful Mahi alongside sharks, participated in a celebrity fishing tournament, and enjoyed a night at an oceanfront resort in Hutchinson Island.

We’ve always wanted to go deep sea fishing, but we’ve never had the opportunity to do it. Being Grand Experience Winners changed all of that for us. We are so grateful!

John & Becky Spieth – reboot 66 grand experience winners

Even on vacation, the dynamic duo kept consistent with their Reboot Rituals giving gratitude and setting their intentions for the day during their morning beach walks along the beautiful Florida coast.  For Becky and John, their experience with ZipSlim® has not only resulted in an inspiring transformation of their physical shape (e.g., ongoing weight loss and increased energy levels), but also their mindsets (e.g., increased gratitude and confidence).

Going Beyond… Together!

Whether they are celebrating their success on the Florida beaches or experiencing a newfound sense of romance at home, embarking on this journey as a team has strengthened Becky and John’s marriage by bringing them closer together as a couple.

Reflecting on the importance of teamwork in their success, Becky said, “It was great to have [John’s] support because there are days where you feel frustrated or want to give up—not eat healthy. It was just great to have somebody there as your accountability partner. To get to celebrate with somebody day after day even for the smallest little wins was great.”

In a similar vein, John said, “Sometimes it’s hard to see your own progress, but seeing Becky’s progress would inspire me and keep me going on days when I didn’t see my own, and vice versa.”

Becky and John’s inspiring story is far from over. They are looking forward to progressing further on their weight loss goals and helping more and more people improve their health and quality of life like they have experienced with ZipSlim®!

Grand Experience Story: John & Becky Spieth
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