We Got Our Sexy Back!

My name is John & Becky, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…


It was hard to feel excited and connected when we barely had enough energy to function. We knew that something needed to change… but when considering how hard we had tried in the past to lose our menopausal bellies and stress weight along with all of the life transitions we had experienced in the last 18 months, we could not face another failure… and could hardly face each other.

Over the past 31 years of marriage, we had grown a lot. But this time, THINGS HAD GROWN OUT OF CONTROL (ESPECIALLY OUR BELLIES). The scale was creeping to almost double the weight Becky had been just 18 months prior. (She was actually pound heavier than the day she delivered our oldest son 30 years ago. She had put on 86 pounds with that pregnancy). Boy, did our METABOLISM, MINDSET, and MOTIVATION NEED A REBOOT!

John was a major caffeine addict (9-12 cups a day) just to put one foot in front of the other and not to zone out or fall asleep if he stood still for just a few moments. John would lose weight and gain it back annually. It was a RECURRING UP and DOWN.

Pain was a constant in our lives along with the cookies, carbs, bags of chips, and lots of soda daily. When people say the struggle is real… it was!

We had grown apart, the marital bliss was amiss, and the ROMANCE IN OUR MARRIAGE WAS GONE.

One day, Becky’s friend posted on Facebook about how great she felt and posted a pic of her Before to Beyond Story with Beyond Slim®. After confirming that it did not taste like dried doo doo, and that it was not going to be restrictive and hard, we agreed to watch a video about rebooting our metabolism and decided to give it a try.

The first sip was as if the heavens opened up and angels began to sing hallelujahs! Sarah was right, it did not taste like dried doo doo… it was DELISH! We love all berries and lemonade… so the Blackberry Lemonade flavor was AWESOME! (This is now our favorite drink because of the flavor… even over sodas!)

Before Beyond Slim®…

  • John had turned into a DUD… and now he’s a STUD! He was CHUNKY… now he’s HUNKY!
  • Becky would JIGGLE… now she’s so happy she GIGGLES!

Beyond with ZipSlim® gives us…

  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Grateful hearts
  • Increased confidence

Becoming a part of the Beyond Slim® family SAVED OUR MARRIAGE and helped us to become fitter, healthier, and happier:

  • FINANCIALLY (the income we have earned with Beyond Slim® as our side hustle already has helped)
  • ROMANTICALLY (things are super-charged and super-hot in the bedroom now)
  • SUPPORTING EACH OTHER (with the 9 Reboot Rituals, Being Healthier, and with Building the Business. Teamwork makes the dream work!)

We’ve got a lot CLOSER since we are SEEING LESS and LESS OF EACH OTHER with every INCH RELEASED! 😉 It is like being newlyweds all over again… but better. 💜

Thank you, Beyond Slim® and ZipSlim®… WE’VE GOT OUR SEXY BACK!!

We know there won’t be an “after” Beyond Slim® for us… so this is our progress report so far:

  • We have released a total of 64 pounds
    • John
      • 39 pounds
    • Becky
      • 25 pounds
  • We are down a total of 48.5 inches
    • John
      • 21.5 inches
    • Becky
      • 27 inches
  • Our bellies have shrunk 13 inches
    • John
      • 6.75 inches
    • Becky
      • 6.25 inches
  • Our sizes:
    • John
      • Pants from size 46 to 38
      • Shirts from a snug 3XL to XL
    • Becky
      • Pants from a snug 14 to 8
      • Shirts from XL to Medium
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