Enhanced Ability to Focus – ZipSlim® Science Backed Study

Enhanced Ability to Focus – ZipSlim® Science Backed Study

Think you have a hard time focusing? This article is less than 200 words, and you’d be shocked how many people don’t have the attention span to finish it. Don’t go check your texts!… hang in with us for a few more sentences.

What more could you accomplish in a day if you just had a little more focus, and fewer distractions? Beyond Slim® can’t make your inbox vanish, but ZipSlim® can help give you back the ability to the focus we all had before our phones were glued to our palms.

In a 2017, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 50 healthy adults over age 35, the group taking a key ingredient in ZipSlim® twice a day had a 9 times better improvement in their ability to focus than the placebo group.

9 times better ability to focus; that’s pretty remarkable! 

And hey, you just finished this article. We knew you could do it. Just by learning about ZipSlim®, you’re already on the right track. Imagine what would happen if you actually drank it just twice a day…

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