Free Radical Reduction – ZipSlim® Science Backed Study

Free Radical Reduction – ZipSlim® Science Backed Study

Becoming Fitter, Healthier, and Happier starts from the inside out. That’s why Beyond Slim® made sure that the science behind ZipSlim® would make a meaningful impact at a cellular level and would help in the fight against damaging free radicals!

Scientists agree that free radicals are extremely damaging to the health of the human body. So, reducing free radicals has the potential to keep your body healthier!

In a 2013 published clinical study, 50 patients were given a key ingredient in ZipSlim® twice a day and 50 were given a placebo pill. After 24 weeks, free radical activity in the ZipSlim group was reduced by 33%, compared to just 4% in the placebo group!

That’s more than 8 times more effective, and that’s a difference you’ll feel when it comes to your health. It’s not a radical idea, it’s a reduction in free radicals – that’s the science behind ZipSlim®.

Free Radical Reduction – ZipSlim® Science Backed Study
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