Beyond time to get serious

My name is Robin, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

How much longer can I blame 2020 for the weight that I’ve gained? I looked back at the past several months and realized that I’m the one that needs to get myself in gear and get rid of this weight that it is weighing me down in more than one way.

I committed to this past 66 days like I hadn’t before. Keeping accountable was the one thing I needed to do more than ever. Now look at how far I’ve come!

Those 9 Reboot Rituals and the Golden Drink make such a huge difference in my health. I’m fitter, healthier, and happier than I was just a few months ago. My gratitude is my family who encourage me and my friend Doug for introducing me to this great drink. I feel so much better than I’ve felt in over a year.

It’s time to share this drink with everyone so that they can be happier and heathier too!

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Before to Beyond Stories