Stronger each time!

My name is Melissa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Well, I will start with this; I am in this for the long haul!

This is my THIRD Reboot 66 and I am here, still going and still feeling amazing!

As I look back on when I first started until today, I am still amazed and can’t help but almost tear up seeing how not only how far I have come, but also how many others changing their lives, too! People that I feel so close with, even though I have never met, is such an amazing feeling!

This community and product not only works in every aspect to help you get fitter, healthier and happier… it gives you the dedication and motivation to continue with your goals!

When I first started drinking ZipSlim® I was in the mindset of numbers. Numbers that had to come off of the scale. Sure, that to me is important, but a few months into it I realized it was about how you felt, what you were putting into your body to fuel it, and most importantly how you treated YOURSELF!

I can not thank Beyond Slim® enough for helping me find someone I never knew could actually come out and stay! I am tremendously happy, and seeing how it has helped my 2 little girls see eating healthy and excising a daily thing. And it all started with a amazing Blackberry Lemonade drink.

I can say I am down 43 pounds, almost 4 pant sizes and 21 inches!!!

I knew I needed to release weight, but when you take pictures and measurements to look back on… wow!! I still see the “old” me in my head before I look into the mirror but when I step in front of it, I can’t help but smile knowing I did that!

I made myself a priority and put in the work. It feels amazing! I truly hope everyone can experience the gift I was given and give YOU a chance! Thank you Beyond Slim® for giving me my life back and allow me to live it to the fullest!

What I learned about Beyond Slim® is discipline. Give yourself grace and make sure to give the gratitude! I love the energy and the feeling great and happy almost always. You could be having a bad day but yet still feel good! If you have doubt about yourself, if you aren’t happy with you or your habits, if you want energy and to feel good about yourself… do it!!

You have one life; live it happy and healthy!! Only you can make that decision!!! Make it!!! Choose you!!!

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  1. I’m so proud of you! No more yo yo dieting, you are living the healthy life style and it shows! You and everyone around you are seeing the difference in you inside & out. Keep up the good work! You are my inspiration to continue my weight loss journey & to become healthy & happier!

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