Life Changed in Month 1… Say What?

My name is Mimi, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I am grateful that I followed my instincts to try ZipSlim. You have inspired me, and I hope I can inspire others with the results I have experienced in JUST ONE MONTH.

I am a very active person; I am a runner, nanny of young kids (that keep me very active) as well as a vegan. So I eat quite well and keep active. Yet, up until a month ago, I couldn’t fit into some of my clothes no matter what I did. I also didn’t feel as energetic as I’d like or sleep that well.

Everything has changed for the better this past month.

There are many ways I feel better drinking the “Blackberry Lemonade”, but my biggest benefits are that I sleep SO MUCH BETTER and have SO much more ENERGY!

Of course, not to forget the physical benefit of finally melting my belly fat that came from menopause. Up until this past month, nothing seemed to help reduce my mid-section. I look forward to seeing how I will look in the next couple of months!

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Before to Beyond Stories