Feeling 30 Years Younger!

My name is Jan, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Jan! Okay, I’m putting myself out there, and don’t usually post this way….😬😳😬 I’ll start with a little background: I’ve been teaching classical Pilates for over 20 years now, and had my own studio so I’m usually in reasonably good shape. However, Covid🦠and the severe shutdowns in the state I came from caused me to rethink my business and where I wanted to live.

In July of 2021, I decided to move south to the NC mountains⛰️. Unfortunately, I managed to beat myself up pretty badly physically through the move which caused me to be much more sedentary than I am used to. My hips, lower back, and severely arthritic knee made moving about close to impossible some days. Needless to say, I gained some very unwanted pounds. Once I was able to move more, I just wasn’t getting the results I was looking for😣.

Along came ZipSlim 🍋 and I was attracted to the ingredient profile immediately. Of course, the weight loss was what piqued my interest, but boy was I surprised at what else happened.

In the first 2 weeks I lost over an inch in my waistline (not much scale weight at that point) but then…I noticed more energy, mental clarity, sense of well-being and increased muscle strength….AND the inflammation in my body, especially my arthritic knee was going away and feeling stronger. Both my knees are now about the same size!😁The photo on the left was taken 1 day after I started ZipSlim, the one on the right is 7 weeks later and the scale weight is now starting to move in the right direction!😎

I now weigh less than I have in almost two years!🥳🥳

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Before to Beyond Stories