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Finding my confidence

My name is Melissa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Melissa Anderson. I have always been an active person and a somewhat healthy individual. But getting closer to the age of 40, I noticed that it’s becoming much harder to lose weight. I lost my confidence and was just getting so frustrated with myself. Some days I even starve myself in hopes of losing a few pounds, but it always backfired. I needed something that would help reset my mind and body. The frustrations were getting in my way mentally and physically. I almost hit a depressive state in my life. I knew I needed a change!!!

I decided to take this leap of faith. I have been following my coach on her health journey for quite some time. At first, I didn’t want to spend that much money on something not knowing if it was going to work. I thought I was just going to give it a few weeks and see what happens. I noticed immediately after a week how less bloated I was. I was incredibly impressed. I used to struggle with getting the energy to head to the gym and now I easily go back and have the desire to workout. I’m working out for longer periods than before. I love the energy. I have lost only 5 pounds in 90 days but I know I have lost an incredible amount of inches. My clothes fit way better. I am not stepping on the scale three times a day being obsessed with a number. I’m going off on how I feel and I feel great. I feel healthy. I’m not depressed. My confidence is up. I’m happy!!!!

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