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Finding My Happier, Healthier Self

My name is Sherilyn, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Hi everyone! My name is Sherilyn.

Before Beyond Slim, I was coming home from a long day at the salon, exhausted and ready to just go to bed. I had inflammation in my body and tired achy muscles. With autoimmune disorders Sjogren’s Raynaud syndrome, inflammatory arthritis, and hello, menopause. Fatigue is a major struggle. Being a breast cancer survivor, I cannot do any hormonal replacement so menopause has been a struggle.

Everything changed when this cortisol cocktail lemonade arrived the first week of July! We went to Lake Tahoe right after receiving this little package of magic. I was amazed how my shoulders were not hurting after lugging all my luggage around. I had so much energy. I actually told my husband maybe we need a new bed. 🤣

No longer do I come home exhausted. I sleep like a baby and the inflammation is gone. I am also down a size in my jeans, I feel so much better in my skin and my clothes, but how I feel inside leaves me speechless! Cheers to better health!! 🍋🍹🍒

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Before to Beyond Stories