Finding my Happier, Healthier Self.

My name is Jessica, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Before I started this journey I was ALWAYS tired, extremely out of shape! I had zero energy to do things around the house. Not happy! I would take naps daily!

I would get so tired after playing with the grandkids just after a few mins.

I was always trying to find the the “right” diet for me, but when I would start one, I wouldn’t stick with it! I had zero results and I would always go back to what was comfortable for me.

My body was sore and swollen from having to carry all this extra weight! Honestly I was miserable in my own skin.

I had a couple friends share information about Beyond Slim® with me, and honestly, I was skeptical about it at first. A few weeks went by, and I contacted the friends that had shared the product with me and told them I was ready to try ZipSlim®.

That was the BEST Decision I have EVER MADE!!!

From the first drink of the delicious Blackberry Lemonade, I was hooked!

Drinking this amazing drink two times a day, doing my 9 Reboot Rituals and 30-60 minutes of movement a day have kept me accountable and on track.

I absolutely love all the extra energy I have. I’m able to do things around the house and not get tired. I have energy to run after grandkids. I’m not snacking between meals, and Im not craving diet soda and sweets throughout the day.

Plus, I’m sleeping all night and waking rested!

The weight loss has been amazing, too! I’m down 21 pounds and still going strong.

I think EVERYONE needs ZipSlim® in their life!

Everyone should feel this amazing!


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Before to Beyond Stories