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My name is Tammy, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Tammy, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I’ve always been a big-boned girl. I just figured that’s where my body was. There were so many diets I’ve tried in the past that just required way too much work! I would order some other diet product and then eventually just gave up because it required me to eat a certain meal/pill, etc. on a scheduled basis. It was just not convenient at all. I would just quit because progress wasn’t showing, or I’d get that dizziness/blackout type of reaction.

I learned about Beyond Slim through Facebook. I had a friend posting her results online and the dates for each photo! I couldn’t stop myself, I had to have this stuff. The girl looked phenomenal in just days in between pictures! I ordered on the 1st of April and started drinking the lemonade on the 10th of April. I noticed after about a week and a half how big my clothes were—almost just falling off!

I am really enjoying the energy it gives me and definitely the weight loss all together! I loved this stuff so much that I decided to be a coach and sell to my friends! Also, if I have 2 Subscribe & Save customers a month, I get my product free!

My family was in shock at my results! My friends kept asking me if all I’m really doing was drinking lemonade! They questioned me about taking pills! Nope, this was all from the lemonade and of course I cut out soda completely!

I feel like anyone struggling to lose weight or just wants to be healthier should definitely give this a try. The lemonade is delicious, with no terrible after taste! I haven’t been gassy at all and normally you know how you belch and the nasty taste lingers? Yeah, you don’t get that when you drink this lemonade! It has been my life saver literally. I’m so glad I found this!

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