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My name is Toni, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Hi, my name is Toni, and this is my Before to Beyond story. Before I started Zipslim, I was depressed because I was bloated and overweight, and my joints hurt all the time. My weight always fluctuated due to celiac disease, a hysterectomy, and two c-sections. I was not motivated to do anything unless I had to outside of work. I was always active, but only because I had to be.

I learned about Zipslim by following Shelbi Krautzsch. She was so motivating and inspirational. Now I have more energy, bloating is gone, and the weight loss is noticeable week after week. Everyone in my family has noticed the change in me and the energy I have. I tell friends and family to try the product Zipslim because the results are fast and amazing.

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Before to Beyond Stories