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Fit At Forty

My name is Bobby, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Bobby, and this is my “Before to Beyond” story. I was exhausted every day with mood swings, struggles with overeating, living on energy drinks to get through the day, and low self-esteem with my body image. Just really not at all where I wanted to be feeling with just turning forty.

Since I started my Beyond Slim journey, the results have been great! I no longer feel exhausted in the least, and haven’t had an energy drink since I’ve been using ZipSlim! I’ve noticed more than anything how my hunger cravings and the amount of food I need to eat to feel full have decreased soooooo much! My friends and family have noticed not only the weight that I’ve lost but the way my mood and temperament have changed for the better. They all say I seem so much more happy and cheerful, and I say it’s because I am and I feel more healthy! Now I feel more confident in my self-image and am so much healthier. And to have just turned 40, I couldn’t ask for more. I would have to say to anyone who is struggling with self-esteem, weight loss problems, or some mood issues, I highly recommend them to give ZipSlim a try. They won’t regret it!

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