Form Resistance to Release & Relief!

My name is Fredrica (Freddie), and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Prior to drinking ZipSlim® I was on a mission to alleviate a myriad of issues generated from pre- menopause & Menopause & being 53! These issues had been accumulating & multiplying for a few years. I really don’t like to dwell on health challenges, I don’t want to be a victim …. I just like to tackle them & move on… the problem was that despite my passion for wellness, supplements & finding the right solutions for my body… everything I was trying was not working. Excess weight was not going anywhere, in fact it just kept accumulating. Not to mention pain… in my joints & tissues, not sleeping well, mind fog, tired all the time and just feeling blah… to name a few things. Not only is this a downer in personal life & relationships, but I’m a business owner & creator and this just made Everything. So. Hard.

I was soooo frustrated, it really seemed like my body was against me. I was taking great supplements, exercising reasonably, eating clean, drinking water, intermittent fasting, doing so many of the right things No, I wasn’t perfect, but these things are good choices but weren’t alleviating or even making a dent in all the issues.

So I just kept looking for a solution. One night I was catching up on Facebook and somehow stumbled on a post sharing someone’s weight loss breakthrough…. I usually pass these by… but the joy in the post caught my attention & drew me in. So I started to research the product referenced as ZipSlim®, it was completely new to me. I found I really liked the ingredients, the information provided on the product & the 9 Reboot Rituals. (Seeing these rituals actually really encouraged me because I was already doing most of these & seeing a company support lifestyle vs just a product meant they have a person’s best interest at heart to me.) I figured I had nothing to lose, and went for it & ordered.

The day my ZipSlim® came in I started drinking it! I knew within two days that I would be drinking it for a while… relief had already begun! I really hesitate to say something like that – I hate hype… but it’s the truth. I just knew. Pain was already reduced, my mood & energy were like ‘the old days’, I was sleeping, I had creative ideas, clarity & stamina! It was almost immediate and 12 weeks later I’m on a roll with complete Relief!

It’s really hard to measure these benefits in a way that communicates the relief.. it’s like a huge cloud has lifted. My numbers show the reduction in inflammation … I changed nothing, except drinking ZipSlim® 2x/day. 9 lbs & 12 inches! I’m thrilled! I can work full days without being exhausted halfway through. My daily walks are fun & not a pain battle, I have a new outlook on everything, I look forward to making plans instead of dreading how I feel or if I can make it through. And my husband is super happy to have me back! 😉

I can’t leave out how important the support in the Beyond Slim® Community has been. It’s like a safety net of non judgmental, positive, focused daily encouragement. When I have a challenging day, I just read about someone else’s journey, or focus in on the Reboot Rituals. When I need meal inspiration, I just read the meal guide…. Everything I need is right at my fingertips! I don’t have to go figure it out! I love that!!

I’m not through with my journey, this is just the beginning, what a start! I am so very grateful to be able to live life well now with that joy that first caught my attention!

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Before to Beyond Stories