From DUD to STUD!

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My name is John, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Before Beyond Slim®, I was a DUD!

  • Depressed
  • Uncomfortable
  • Didn’t have the motivation to do ANYTHING!

I used to do the “wobble”… not the dance… the rambling gait to make it down the hall. I was in so much pain I would wobble from side to side just trying to put one foot in front of the other.

Before ZipSlim® I was…

  • Meaner… now I am Leaner!
  • A person that was a “Prove You Wronger”… now to “Let’s Get Stronger”!
  • A Fighter… now I am Lighter!

On January 1st I said…

  • No more… junk food
  • No more… dark mood
  • No more… grouchy dude!

I am no longer a “hangry” bear. There are no more snack attacks! I stopped thinking about and being obsessed with eating through a whole bag (or two) of chips in a sitting. I said goodbye to the bags and bags of chips and have traded them for golden sips.

With the ease of Beyond Slim® I went from:

  • Junk food to Eating T.H.I.N
  • Dark mood to Playing to Win
  • Grouchy dude to a Guy with a Grin!

One of the greatest benefits of drinking delicious ZipSlim®, even beyond the releasing of 39 pounds and the strength and stamina, is my elevated mood. My future was looking dim… and now it’s looking slim!

I traded my very snug 3XL shirts for XL, released 39 pounds and 21.5 inches (6.75 inches off my waist), and dropped a couple of pant sizes while having fun doing it!!

I am now a STUD!

  • Stronger with more stamina
  • Tenacious to continue this journey
  • Unbelievably grateful for how simple this is
  • Determined to exceed my health goals

The best news is… I’m just getting started!

Before Beyond Slim®, I was a DUD… Now, I am a STUD! (Just ask my wife.)

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