From Extreme Fatigue to Energy Explosion!

My name is Jackie, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Before Beyond Slim®, day-to-day activities were often hard to keep up with. I felt sluggish, I had severe brain fog, I was eating poorly, and I had a “good energy day” once every 10 days. I often felt out of breath, exhausted, and it was hard to get motivated to get up and do simple chores. My three young kids demand constant energy and attention, so doing anything beyond surviving the day seemed out of reach. I was loading up on coffee and getting into a bad habit of getting an extra latte almost every afternoon (super expensive and high in calories!) I felt like I needed the caffeine to make it through until bedtime.

I learned about Beyond Slim® thanks to my wonderful cousin, Melissa. She posted before and after pictures on Facebook and I was so extremely proud of her accomplishments. I asked her a ton of questions and made her give me a photo of the ingredients list to check everything out. After doing my research, I ordered the product and committed myself to going all in!

I have been religiously following the 9 Reboot Rituals, counting calories, and working out daily. In fact, I am up to 86 consecutive workout days!!

In three months, I’ve lost 13 pounds, dropped almost 2 pant sizes, and I’ve consistently had a “good energy day” daily. I no longer chug coffee all day long, because I don’t have to! After seeing my doctor today for a checkup, I am officially 18 pounds lighter than my doctor visit a year prior (13 of which in just the last 3 months!) My BMI has dropped by 3 and my doctor praised me for my results. My 5-year-old keeps telling me how skinny I’m getting and my is husband proud of my progress and commitment. For anybody thinking about trying this product, do it! The ingredients are safe and beneficial and significantly improved my current health conditions. If you’re tired of living in a fog and rely on coffee to survive–try this product instead!

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