From Grim and Drab to Trim and Fab!

My name is Lisa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Seven years ago, I went through a very scary and challenging health scare that started with a seizure and ended up including brain surgery to remove a large tumor the size of my fist. Honestly, it was the first time I really STOPPED taking my physical health for granted. I’ve been overweight most of my adult life, and although I was able to lose just a few pounds after my surgery, I soon settled back into my old habits and found myself ballooning right back up to where I started. I was constantly exhausted, and my knees cried out for relief 24/7! 

My miracle finally arrived in April of 2021 when I reached out to my friend Sarah and asked her if she could help me create the same results she had experienced with ZipSlim. I was finally ready to make the changes necessary to truly improve my health from the inside out! I jumped into a Reboot group with Sarah and Mitzi and committed to the 9 daily Reboot Rituals. I loved the freedom of knowing that the goal was consistent PROGRESS, not consistent PERFECTION. I felt very supported and encouraged as I completed not just one Reboot 66, but 4 of them! 

  • I’ve melted from a very uncomfortable and depressing size 22/24 to my current size of 12/14. 
  • I’ve gone from a 2x to wearing MEDIUM sizes!!! 
  • I’ve released a total of 60 pounds so far and am excited to launch into my 5th Reboot 66 cycle! 
  • I am able to comfortably cross my legs with ease now, which might seem like a silly thing to celebrate…but if you’ve ever been 10 sizes larger than your ideal body is designed for, you know what an emotional big deal this is!!!  

The only thing better than how fantastic I feel now is being able to pay it forward and inspire several of my dearest friends to do the same! I am grateful and blessed to no longer be in constant discomfort! I have a mental clarity that I can’t even put into words, and ZipSlim has made this journey EASY & FUN! 

If you’ve been on the fence about getting started and feel like NOTHING could help you, I dare you to give yourself the gift of taking just one more chance…I’m guessing you will soon be celebrating with me and so many others who have ZIPPED to FREEDOM! 

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Before to Beyond Stories