Life at 60

My name is Gloria, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I began my journey with Beyond Slim in July 2021. Before starting, I was weighing in at 217 pounds with my doctors. I had a triple bypass in September 2018 and just could not get my weight down. I was feeling sorry for myself, but I kept pressing my way each day. I tried a heart-healthy, Mediterranean diet and enrolled in cardiac rehab, but neither helped with my weight. Even though I was smiling on the outside, I was crying on the inside because my body was rejecting the things that I was doing to become a healthier me. I could not lose any weight, my body shape would not change, and my mindset was stuck in that mode—until I logged into Facebook one Saturday afternoon and saw a post on my friends’ page.

Kathleen Ernette had posted a contest on her page asking how many packages were in a container. After I replied with my answer, she messaged me to catch-up on life. Then, Kathleen introduced me to a product that had been helping to make a difference in her life. I told her about my unsuccessful attempts with weight loss, and she offered me a sample of ZipSlim to try. My sample packet arrived shortly thereafter. I tried the Blackberry Lemonade, and the taste was very pleasant. I then gave the information to my cardiologist and awaited approval. Once I got the go ahead, I made my first purchase and have not looked back since.  

I have lost 20 pounds and will continue to lose because this came along at the right time. ZipSlim was just what the doctor ordered. My smile now comes from the inside out, my energy level increases daily, my clothes do not feel as tight, and my lab reports indicate health improvements. My doctors are pleased with what is happening thus far.  

I love that this is not an overnight success with dropping pounds rapidly because those are the ones that will come back. Thank you to my coach and friend, Kathleen, for introducing me to something that is changing my life for the better. 

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Before to Beyond Stories