From Health Crisis to Success

My name is Lori, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Before I found ZipSlim, I was tired and achy all the time. With no energy, I just didn’t feel like exercising. If you don’t exercise, you can’t lose weight. If you can’t lose weight, your emotions are not healthy. During my health crisis in late 2019 and all of 2020, there was one point where I didn’t think I was going to make it. And for a brief second, I didn’t want to because I felt so bad.

This is my third Reboot 66 challenge. When I began my first challenge, I was in the middle of my health crisis. I was on a heavy dose of steroids that not only prevented me from losing weight, but also increased my appetite. I continued with the product knowing all the other benefits of the ingredients could help improve my health. The first things I noticed were that my emotions improved and my stress levels reduced. My energy levels increased to a point where I was able to start walking daily.  

It wasn’t until the third challenge that I’ve been able to release 11 pounds and 16 inches. I actually have a waistline that I’ve NEVER had before!! My progress is slower than most as my body rids itself of the pharma toxins, but it truly is progress over perfection. I’m now able to walk 2.25 miles a day. I feel better being able to be active again. I can handle stressful situations better than I’ve ever been able to. My overall well-being increases daily thanks to ZipSlim.

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Before to Beyond Stories